Girls’ Day – Expectation

I have a love hate relationship going on with Girls’ Day. I absolutely fell in love with this group’s second single, Nothing Lasts Forever. Unfortunately, everything after that song was…well, just flat out dumb. Luckily, they’ve recently returned with the first song that I’ve been able to compare to Nothing Lasts Forever! Their latest single, Expectation, pushes the group into a more mature territory, proving that they’re at their best when being a little naughty.

For one, this isn’t an innocent aegyo “cutie girl” pop record. The girls are pushing the envelope and looking sexier than ever! The song’s choreography is even on par with Rania, with all of its leg spreading, side-boob rubbing, and sexy leg poses! Luckily, they manage to do this all with class and elegance that keeps them from looking like dance-floor skank hoes. Its a style that suits them well! After this, I never want to see them in fluffy white dresses ever again!

Nothing Lasts Forever stood out for its unique pop-rock style. Unfortunately, that element hasn’t carried over to this edgier new track. Instead, we have a very familiar sounding club track. It’s beat feels very European with its four-to-the-floor structure. However, I have to say that its done very well!

Surprisingly, the verses are probably the most striking part of the song. The girls display some strong vocals and impressive ranges throughout the song’s bubbling structure. Unfortunately, the chorus is a bit of a let down. While the instrumentals go all out, the girls are basically singing “Oooh” over and over…and over. Its really repetitive and a bit anti-climatic.

The song actually reaches a sweet spot at the 2 minute mark. After Yura delivers a mediocre rap verse, the girls harmonize with some solid power notes before hitting a key change that injects some life into the song! Minah unleashes her signature power belting as the song flourishes into dance-pop gold!

So is this the song that finally tops Nothing Lasts Forever? Not quite, but it does comes very close! Expectation finally lays down a new set of expectations for the group. They’ve progressively taken steps to get to this point, and now I never want to see them regress!

Final Score: 4/5


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