Demi Lovato – Heart Attack

Maybe Demi Lovato is better suited for med school than the pop life? Her latest single, once again using Cardio-vascular imagery, is called Heart Attack. It serves as the follow up to her hugely successful Give Your Heart a Break. This song dirties up her sound a bit, and provides a more mature edge (despite lyrics about playing with Ken dolls). It further takes her away from being a typical “Disney” girl, and pushes the limits of her own artistic identity.

This song serves almost as a prequel to her last hit. Here, we see an emotionally guarded person’s walls begin to melt away….much to their own reluctance. “I’m putting my defenses up, because I don’t want to fall in love” she sings, channeling the song’s raw emotion before launching into a huge chorus. Here, she stretches herself vocally, and hits some massive notes with relative ease. It’s an impressive showing that puts her in the same league as Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera in terms of power vocalists.

While Demi’s vocals are the clear centerpiece of the song, you can’t ignore the gorgeous instrumentals. A dub-pop beat provides a nice backdrop to the softer acoustic string melody. Its an electo-pop number that really soars with the help of Demi’s vocal talent.

This should easily be the hit that Demi needs to separate herself from her Disney past. Not only does it show off some edge, and demonstrate her true talent, but it also comes at impeccable timing. The public is very aware of Demi Lovato thanks to her stint as being “the most competent” of the X-Factor judges, and of course following her breakout hit. Yep…Demi is rolling in the big league now, and Heart Attack is a worthy entry to pop radio.

Final Score: 3/5

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