Fun. – Carry On

With two chart topping hits to their name, Fun. has proven that they can march to the beat of their own drum, and still find mainstream success while doing it. Keeping their new found momentum going, they have released their breakout album’s third single, Carry On. Five months after its actual release, this song has steadily begun to climb the charts, proving that there is something in their unique sound that resonates well with the masses.

Carry On sticks to what the band does best. It features yet another ear pleasing indie rock melody, deep and heavy drums that will hook you in, and a rousing chorus that will have audiences singing along, and wanting more long after the song has ended. It takes its time in the entry, with Nate Russes’s singing tenderly over a simple and melancholy acoustic guitar. One the chorus hits, the song flourishes with huge drums, a killer guitar solo, and even some bagpipes to boot! Between the songs slow beat, sing-along chorus, and Scottish influence, it definitely plays a bit like a drinking song. It could definitely see myself raising a frothy glass to this one!

In typical Fun. fashion, the lyrics contain an uplifting message. Everyone faces hardship in their life, but Fun. simply reminds us to “carry on” with heads held high. The song touches on some very dark topics, such as depression, suicide, and the fact that everyone we love will die. Fun…right? Once the instrumentals kick in, Nate begins singing with new energy as he reminds us to continue forward with life despite the hardships. In this way, the song spreads its wings and truly begins to soar, becoming and uplifting anthem to life, and triumph over hardships.

Carry On definitely has a powerful sound, and a huge heart. While it may not necessarily be better than either of their other hits, it definitely stands on its own merits along side them.

Final Score: 4/5


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