Nu’est – Hello

After establishing themselves with a well planned 2012, Nu’est stands among the pack of guy groups as one of Korea’s fastest rising stars. Unfortunately, like Pledis’s other artists, they seem to be in a rut. Each of their songs have been “good,” without ever giving us that breakout moment of greatness. The young group’s latest single switches it up a bit. Hello turns away from the dubstep tinged electro-pop songs we saw last year, and instead gives us the group’s first RnB ballad.
The switch in genres definitely plays into their strengths. The group consists of five good singers, but lacks a standout vocalist. However, not every group needs senseless ad-libs and power belting. This song calls for the guys to sing softly over the sweet rnb melody. It hits a sweet spot in their voices, and the audible results are simply decadent. 
Kpop music videos always have the weirdest love triangles…
The song’s melody also stands out for its simplicity and beauty. This slow burner features a tender piano melody, acoustic strings, and a low key pop beat. Its well produced, and definitely stands out against the glitz and glam that the industry typically produces. 
Unfortunately, with all this taken into consideration, the group is still lacking in the originality department. While it is nice to hear a group move away from dance-pop, this type of track has been done before. It instantly recalls Stop Girl (U-Kiss), Every Night (Exid), To You (Teen Top), Love Song (Rain), etc. etc. Typical breakup theme, with a typical rnb sound. 
That’s not to say that Hello is a bad song, or that it pales in comparison to those songs. Its actually better than a few of them! I just wish that they would have done something to make this song their stand out moment….and unfortunately, it falls short.
Still, Hello is a great song, and the crisp “tie dance” choreography is nothing short of slick. Nu’est still has room to grow, but Hello has definitely shown another side of this still emerging group. 
Final Score: 3/5

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