Tegan and Sara – Closer

Tegan and Sara have been making hip indie music for awhile now, but it wasn’t until their latest album that the Canadian twin duo was launched to “big name” status. Perhaps that’s because this their “poppiest” album to date? Its true that their latest single Closer is a synth heavy foray into electro-pop.

Typically, when an artists “goes pop,” the results are disastrous. After all, the pop market is saturated with dubstep beats, autotune, and shallow lyrics. When I heard of their new direction, I was fully expecting a repeat of Tegan and Sara’s god awful collaboration with Tiesto. You know…back from when he tried to go pop? Luckily, Closer doesn’t see the girls following trends. Instead, they’re setting them.

“Cool” is the one word that describes their sound. Their unique electro-indie sound is full of bubbling 8-bit sounds, powerful syths, and catchy guitar riffs. Its a well crafted sound that really packs a punch! The song truly soars with an energetic chorus that is charged with the girls’ effortless harmonies, and youthful lyrics that capture the essence of young, unexplored love.

Tegan and Sara said that this was their poppiest song to date. They were wrong. Closer is a high energy dose of pure pop bliss. This song stands out among the rest for being free from the high-gloss production that weighs down similar pop acts. Simply put, this is the song that Ke$ha and Katy Perry wish they could have made.

Final Score: 4/5

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