The Lumineers – Stubborn Love

The Lumineers could very well be one of the greatest success stories of 2013. At a time when the music industry is busy playing around with autotune and dubstep beats, this band took the industry by surprise with a folk-pop song called Ho Hey. Now that they’ve joined the likes of Mumford and Sons and Kings of Leon as one of the big names in both indie and mainstream music, the Lumineers have unleashed their second single, Stubborn Love.

Its quite clear that this song just won’t live up to the success of the band’s break out hit, which is quite unfortunately. Simply put, this song won’t fit on mainstream radio. Its less “coffee shop,” and less gimicky than its predecessor. Instead, it relies more on the merits of the band’s artistic vision, rather than rousing hooks and soppy lyrics.

Stubborn Love is planted firmly in its folk roots. Humble guitars, lush cello melodies, and pounding drums give the song a warm, earthy tone. Wesly Schultz’s voice manages to charm with his humble drawl. At times, his voice comes through as a whisper. This might require you to actually pay attention to the song, but the deeply personal lyrics are well worth listening to.

Stubborn Love rightfully deserves just as much success as the band’s breakout hit. While pop radio won’t be as receptive this time around (god, I hope I’m wrong!), this sound could very well find a home in television dramas and movie soundtracks. Either way, I’ve got to hand it to the Lumineers. I wasn’t sold on Ho Hey, but Stubborn Love is a rare display of substance with style. That, I’ll buy into!

Final Score: 4/5


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