Speed – It’s Over

After putting the male half of “Co-Ed School” on the back burner for what feels like forever, Core Contents Media is finally ready to give Speed their proper debut! They’ve really pulled out all the stops, and deservedly so. After debuting the group with a low budget cover of Lovey Dovey, and adjusting the line up,ย the group now has their own reality show, and a high budget music video featuring A-List actors. Will the buzz be able to get their latest single to the top of the charts? Given the company’s history….not without a major controversy or three.

The group’s first proper single is called It’s Over, and definitely proves that they are the brother group of 5Dolls. Like the material of their sister group, this song feels cheaply produced, and lacking in talent. The song features a hypnotic dance beat, but if played in a club, it would absolutely kill the dancefloor. With a weak bass, the song never builds or developes to the point where it can stand on its own.

Additionally, the group possesses no stand out talent. The vocalists are pretty weak, so the singing never manages to command any attention. As a result, the verses are forgettable, while the chorus never hits its mark. The high point of the song is actually a rather adequate rap verse from the group’s rapper, Tae Woon….which impresses more for his family connections than anything else.

While the song is ultimately weak and forgettable, it does please on a purely visual level. The song utilizes an eye catching tutting routine that the group executes quite well. Additionally, they’ve implemented LED lighted gloves to make their precise dance moves “pop.” Through out the song, they also utilize some exciting breakdancing moves. What the group lacks in vocal talent, they clearly can make up for in dancing!

Unfortunately, a cool concept and dance routine can’t save a terrible song. With sub-par vocals, a weak hook, and a lame beat, Its Over is almost completely unlistenable. Thank god the tutting routine is interesting enough to please a crowd for a few minutes.

Final Score: 1/5


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