Neon Trees – Lessons in Love (All Day, All Night)

Despite being released almost six months ago, Neon Trees’ latest single was still being over shadowed by the success of Everybody Talks. Now that people have stopped talking, it seems that the band is prepared to give Lessons in Love their full attention. With proper promotion, this song could be as big a hit as their last hit.

This song sticks to the group’s bouncey pop-rock style, but runs with it in a different direction. Their past singles have shown them being fun, wild, and even bombastic at times. However, Lessons in Love is a bit more restrained. Tyler Glenn keeps his soulful wailing to a minimum, instead focusing on playing it cool. His polished delivery and smooth tone suit the song live a velvet glove. His verses are memorable, and the chorus is infectious.

The band works to create a sound that takes a page out of the 80’s handbook. Spacey syths, smooth guitar riffs, and a driving base line bring us back to the days when syth-rock ruled. Neon Trees makes it work in the new century, with all of the swagger that the band is known for.

Lessons in Love may be a bit restrained, but it is well worth checking out, as is the incredible remix done by house legend, Kaskade.

Final Score: 3/5


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