Ke$ha – C’Mon

Try as I might, I will never understand this whole “Ke$ha” thing. The girls has made a career out of being a complete hot mess, and has become a house hold name with zero talent, is a terrible role model, and has had multiple hits with the exact. Same! Song! And yet….that’s kind of the appeal, isn’t it? Everyone’s favorite bubblegum warrior princess hoe has returned with her latest creation, C’Mon. This is one of those rare instances where I buy into the total package that is Ke$ha…coked out music video and all.

As far as subject matter goes, this is exactly what we’d expect from Ke$ha. Go out late, party, get drunk, commit a felony, have dirty sex, repeat. Its like it all came to her late one night as she emerged from under the DJ booth, wiped her mouth, and shot a line of coke off the bathroom floor. And yet, poor life choices have never sounded so good! The glittery dance pop beat is easy to lose yourself in, and the chorus is insanely catchy. As a whole, the song is actually very well produced. In particular, the bridge is gorgeous….yes, gorgeous; a word that is rarely associated with Ke$hoe.

C’Mon is the same formula that has been working on and off for her since her debut, and this is definitely an “on” moment. Even if it feels cheap and almost too familiar, when played at high volumes at the right moment, this could very well elevate the room to a level of pure pop bliss.

Final Score: 3/5


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