Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

Taylor Swift continues her foray into pop music with her latest hit. At this point, she has completely left the Country genre. There is practically nothing Nashville about this song at all, which may leave a sour taste in some of her fans’ mouths… especially when you add in the word “dubstep.” Yeah, that’s right….. T-Swizzle in the house, and she’s going all dubstep on your ass! On paper, none of this should work. Taylor Swift and Dubstep are on completely opposite ends of the musical spectrum, and neither of them belong in pop music. So what is it about this song that comes together so seamlessly to deliver one of the single catchiest songs ever created?

To be fair, this song is pretty far removed from Skrillex territory. Yes, there is a dubstep beat in the chorus, but its subdued enough to make it work with the rest of the song. The drums have a kick, and the bass drop is biting, but its nothing like the overwhelming explosion of “wobwobwob” that we’re used to seeing exploited in other pop songs. The chorus actually works quite well with the rest of the song. The blend of jaunty, string filled verses, and slow and tender pre-choruses gives the song an interesting structure. Its chaotic enough to suggest the complex emotions of the song, but the mix still comes together nicely to deliver a unique listening experience.

However, the best part about the song are the numerous hooks that run through out the song. On just my second listen, I found myself singing along practically start to finish because the hooks are just so freaking catchy! The chorus instantly sticks with its “Oh! OooOOOoooh” followed by its echoing “trouble, trouble, trouble.” The verses are memorable with Taylor’s drawn out delivery. However, the pre-chorus is what sticks out the most. Its not so much what she’s saying, but how she delivers the verse of “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.” I hate to admit it….but when it come to being catchy, this song is a teen-pop weapon of mass destruction.

Final Score: 3/5




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