Top Tracks of 2012: 49 – 40

Usher – Scream

This year, most music critics praised Usher for his flasetto filled slow jam, Climax. While it was a good RnB song, its clear that these critics have never been in a club while Scream was being played. This song was an amazing dance track that had dancefloors getting down and dirity all through out the year.

Julior Caldera – Lights Out (ft. Natalia Kills and Far East Movement)

Yes, this is the song from the Tekken Tag 2 trailer. And yes, it one of the best dance songs of the year. Junior’s velvety beats, the movement’s slick production, and Natalia’s mysterious voice came together to create one awesome club track.

B.A.P. – No Mercy

B.A.P. debuted earlier in 2012, but you simply wouldn’t know it. They instantly established themselves as one of the genre’s top groups, and No Mercy was a shining display of their talents. Heavy hitting beats combined with traditional Korean instruments to create a dynamic sound. Plus, some powerful rapping and singing from the guys made this song a definite hit. Without a doubt B.A.P.’s star will continue to rise in 2013.

Karmin – Brokenhearted

What raps better than Nicki Minaj, sings better than Rihanna, and has a more interesting style than Ke$ha? Simple answer: Amy Renee. In 2012, Karmin went from viral video, to one of pop’s most talented acts. Brokenhearted was a super catchy summer hit than had me hitting replay through out the rest of the year.

No Doubt – Settle Down

Everyone’s favorite 90’s ska-pop band returned with a slick song that reminded us why we love No Doubt, and why we all hated Holla Back Girl. No Doubt resurrected their sound like it was never dead, and re-established their relevance with this song. Catchy hooks, a fantastic blend of musical styles, and Gwen’s fierce attitude made this one of the band’s best songs to date.

Andy Grammer – Fine By Me

Andy Grammer sure has class, doesn’t he? Its hard not to imagine him singing with anything but a smile on his face. This simple, clean cut, feel good song is just as sunny as his 2011 hit, Keep Your Head Up, but with more honest lyrics about love and relationships. Add in a catchy chorus, and Andy’s got another hit to his name!

The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling

I never really understood the meaning of this song, but I never really had time to think about it. Each time it comes on, I’m instantly caught up in this song’s unforgettable arrangement and glorious instrumentals. With a 70’s garage band sound, this song is both something timeless, and completely groundbreaking.

B2ST – Beautiful Night

In 2012, the boy of B2ST decided to ditch their moody sound in favor of having some good old fun! Beautiful Night was a solid feel good jam, featuring awesome choreogrophy, strong singing, and a truly euphoric chorus.

Rania – Style

2012 started rough for Rania, with the departure of two of their group’s members, and a single that was trashed because it was…well, trash. Luckily, YG stepping in to give the girls some much needed help. With his production style, Rania delivered their most coherent hit to date. With their mature style and stellar voices Style became Rania’s signature song.

Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing (ft. Florence Welsche)

Calvin’s year was jam packed with hits…some better than others. At the top of the hit pile, was this song that featured powerhouse vocalist, Florence Welshe. Catchy beats, emotional lyrics, and powerful singing made Sweet Nothing one of the year’s stand out hits.

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