OneRepublic – If I Lose Myself

OneRepublic is gearing up for the release of their third album, Native. With the success of the album’s first single, Feel Again, the band is already gearing up for the album’s follow up single two months ahead of the album’s release date. This new single, If I Lose Myself, keeps up with the band’s unique blend of pop, indie-rock, and RnB music. One thing that can always be said about OneRepublic, is that if other songs ever sound similar to their signature sound…its probably because Ryan Teddar wrote and produced it.

That is…until now. If I Lose Myself definitely features the band’s unique style, up until the layer of electro-pop is added at the song’s midpoint. Its not that it necessarily sounds bad, but OneRepublic is capable of doing something so much more unique than simply using the trendy sounds that everyone else is using. This almost feels like a plea for radioplay and relevance.

The song begins well enough. Through a misty piano melody and a dramatic pop-rnb beat, Ryan’s vocals shine through with clarity as he croons out some romantic lyrics. The chorus hits, and its relatively catchy, if harmless. We then get the layer of synth-pop, and it just seems to weigh the song down as it attempts to spread its wings and soar. At the three minute mark, we get a catchy, chant-along verse that adds a bit more life to the song, but its over pretty quickly.

Overall, the song is decent, but a bit hampered by the band’s new direction. I truly feel that this song would have benefited from a more instrumental arrangement. OneRepublic’s sound is unique enough…why bother using the same cheap tricks that everyone else is using?

Final Score: 2/5

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