Pitbull – Don’t Stop the Party

Mr. Worldwide has returned with…well, more of what he’s been giving us for the past few years. Don’t Stop the Party is another club ready dance song that features big beats and Pitbull’s Latin tinged rapping, and catchy hooks. Unfortunately, the hooks make up a huge portion of the song. I mean….like, all of it. We hear “Ay-yeah! Don’t stop the party! No pare la fiesta!” over, and over, and over again. While I do appreciate Pitbull’s use of Spanish, at a certain point, it stops being catchy and starts being overly repetitive and gimmicky.

Pitbull manages to shoot a few rap verses at us, but they’re completely unnoticeable under the song’s beat….which is probably a good thing. The song’s killer club-beat is actually a tweaked version of a song called Funky Vodka by TJR. The use of this song brings a sense of European funk to the song, which is quite fun and catchy. The only problem is….I prefer the song without any of Pitbull’s nonsense.

Its the same problem I had with Flo Rida’s Good Feeling. Avicci’s Levels was a great song that didn’t need any mainstream pop bull shit. This is pretty much the same scenario. The best thing about Don’t Stop the Party is that it introduced me to Funky Vodka, which is a far superior song.

You know what? Maybe I’m being a bit hard on Pit. Sure, Don’t Stop the Party is a senselessly fun party song. I get it. What I can’t get over is Pit’s own douch baggery about it. When asked about the song, he said this:

So this is the record of me telling them and the whole world – whether it’s a bad global economy, whether it’s poverty, wars, you name it – I’m telling them don’t stop the party. Enjoy and escape no matter what.

Really, Pitbull? You want us to forget about the problems of the world and rock out to…this? After seeing the song’s raunchy and lavish music video, it’s pretty clear that this guy has his own head stuck so far in his own ass that he has no idea whats really going on in the world.

Final Score: 
Don’t Stop the Party: 0/5

Funky Vodka: 3/5

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