Top Tracks of 2012: 89 – 80

Keane – Disconnected





This was one of my favorite releases off of Kean’s latest album. This song about a relationship gone awry features some killer vocals and brutally honest lyrics. Plus, the accompanying music video plays out like a horror movie and makes for a chilling cinematic experience.

Demi Lovato – Give Your Heart a Break






Demi had a huge year with her gig on the X-Factor, and this breakout single. This captivating pop number proved that she was more than just another Disney product. With a catchy melody that broke away from the dance-pop trend, Demi turned in what is sure to be a pop classic.

MBLAQ – This is War






This song took MBLAQ into a new musical direction. Their music has always been a bit darker than their peers, and this time, they embraced that darkness. By ditching the dance beats and trading them in for an orchestral arrangement, they managed to create one of the year’s most dramatic and theatrical releases. Their powerful singing and captivating performances also helped make this one unforgettable track.

The Weeknd – Wicked Games





Let’s face it…RnB music is practically dead. Luckily, The Weeknd is seeking to take the classic sound in new directions. Could he possibly save the genre with his spacey beats, trippy arrangements, and soulful singing? You can say that he’s evolving the genre, or even that he’s creating his own. You’d be right either way.

Robbie Williams – Candy





Candy proves just why Robbie Williams is the king. This catchy pop number mixes retro and contemporary sounds to create some pure pop bliss. With sing-song choruses, catchy hooks, and playful lyrics, you won’t be able to restrain yourself from singing along!

Imagine Dragons – It’s Time





Imagine Dragons had one hell of a breakthrough, and this is the song to thank for it. This song demonstrated a unique sound with (complex) clap along beats, and beautiful string melodies. Imagine Dragons could very well be the next big name in indie-rock music in the coming years!

The Seeking – Yours Forever





This up and coming band released their album late this year, but it was definitely one of the strongest debuts that I’ve ever seen. Despite being fresh out of high school, The Seeking play like they’ve been pro’s for years. If they continue making songs as good as Yours Forever they could very well be on their way to a long and successful career.

Teen Top – To You




My love hate relationship with this group continued this year. Luckily, they did manage to add this seriously cool song to my playlist. To You took the band in a more mature musical direction with rnb tinged dance beats, and played into the groups vocal strengths. This band is known for their dance moves, and the song’s choreography was particularly strong. All of this made To You the group’s best song to date!

Daley – Alone Together





After scoring a huge feature on a Gorillaz track, Daley came out with his own track featuring the soulful songstress, Marsha Ambrosius. Their unique tones, and soulful voices blend together harmoniously, creating one of the best RnB tracks of the year.

Santigold – Disparate Youth





Santigold’s music features a wide range of influences (rnb is NOT one of them). Disparate Youth is a sythy track that blends electro, reggae, indie rock, and whatever the hell else she feels like. What results is a sound that wholly belongs to Santigold, making this one of the most unique tracks of the year.


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