Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy

Korea’s top girl group has wasted no time in laying claim to the new year. At this point, we can just assume that anything that Girls’ Generation releases will immediately go to #1. Since they spent all of 2012 promoting in Japan, you can bet that SM Entertainment is going to be working hard to dominate 2013, and unleashing a new single, I Got a Boy, on January 1st is a perfect way to send that message.

SM is great at building anticipation for their artists, and this has been one of the most highly anticipated singles of…well, of the year. When the teaser images were released, it was clear that we would be seeing a new side of Girls’ Generation. With their brightly colored outfits, edgy fashions, and funky hair and makeup, these girls are giving us a new image that looks….just like f(x).

Hey, you know who’s really good at looking like f(x). F(x). Seriously…its like Nu ABO and Hot Summer had a baby. Granted, the two groups are from the same label, so I’m not going to complain. Besides, its not like the girls don’t totally work it! Tiffany and Hyo Yeon definitely stand out more in the neon hip-hop concept, and it is nice to see the group in more playful and funky fashions once again.

Along with new fashions, we get to see some of the girls’ best choreography to date. The dance routine features some great hip-hop moves, sexy body waves, and still allows them to show some fun and bubbly personality. It was definitely designed with the stage in mind, and you can bet that they will be giving us some eye catching performances.

Unfortunately, the song itself is suffering from an identity crisis. Its not that I Got a Boy isn’t good, but it sounds a bit more like five different songs combined into one four minute track. Its one thing to change up the beat or have a key change, but this is a borderline multiple personality disorder! The song begins with a strong hip-hop beat, and the girls offering their best attempt at giving us some rap verses with hip-hop swagger. But…lets be honest. These girls suck at rapping. Luckily, this is only a thirty second introduction. Without warning, the song suddenly gives way to a sound that is much more suited to the group.

Keeping with the hip-hop beat, the song begins to bubble with pure pop bliss. With sing-talking verses, catchy refrains of “Oh! Oh-oh-ay-oh!” and some playful singing, we definitely get to see Girls’ Generation at their best. I wouldn’t have minded if the song played out like this for the rest of its duration, but we soon get another jarring change of sound.

The song soon gives way to an electro-heavy club beat straight out of YG territory. While the sudden change is odd at first, we are soon treated to the song’s chorus…and it is a beast. Its the strongest part of the song, and quite possibly one of the catchiest things I’ve ever heard in my life. It shows off the group’s diverse personalities quite well, with hints of bubbly and flirty fun, as well as mature confidence and sex appeal.

Next to the chorus, the rest of the song becomes easily forgettable…which is both a good, and a bad thing. It carries the song through many of its missteps, including a debacle that ventures into diva territory, and the girls’ cringe worthy rap verses. The song’s sound changes so many times that we never really get to get into the song, but each time that chorus hits, we are taken to a place of pure pop perfection.

Final Score: 3/5

Oh yeah, and Yoona is a member of the Illuminati.


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