Spica – Lonely

Spica’s last peppy pop song was pretty jarring when placed against their more mature, rnb inspired music. It was kind of a step backwards for a group that, otherwise, was well on their way to becoming one of the most respected groups in the genre. For their latest single, Lonely, they’ve attempted to bridge together their more refined style, with the uptempo sound that appeals to the masses. The result is a mid-tempo pop-ballad that is pleasant yet unoriginal.

The concept for this song is one that is both simple and elegant, and this is apparent both in the song’s musical composition, as well as the girl’s style. Here, we see the girls in plain yet elegant looking evening gowns, with subtle makeup. It creates a very refined and mature style that greatly contrasts the overly stylized look of most other groups. Spica just looks and feels more natural this time around.

We all know that the girls can sing their assess off, and this song is a testimony to that. Even the group’s weakest vocalist proves that she is better than the best vocalist in most other groups! Each member demonstrates great control of her voice by alternating between soft low notes, and powerful high notes. Narae feels a but underutilized, and I do miss the girls’ five part harmonies, but the singing here is flawless….as per usual with this group.

However, the song itself fails to really leave an impact like their earlier hits. Lonely is strangely upbeat, with a splash of retro funk, layers of boucey syths, and some rnb undertones. It creates a unique sound, but it feels too restrained to really take off as an upbeat track, but too peppy to play into the song’s sad and darker undertones. While it is a unique sound that is pleasant to listen to, it all feels a bit awkward when put together. Overall, it fails to leave the same impact of the group’s edgier and darker singles Russian Roulette and Painkiller.

Now, that isn’t to say that the song is bad. Its actually a bit of a sigh of relief after that god awful last single. The girl’s have interesting choreography for the first time ever, and this is definitely a decent marriage of their unique style, and upbeat pop music. While it may not be a combination that works effortlessly, it does work. So…now that they’ve gotten upbeat out of their system, can we have another soaring ballad?

Final Score: 3/5


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