Flo Rida – I Cry

2012 marked the year that Flo Rida truly emerged as one of pop music’s leading figures. It seems like every single that he put out (and there were quite a few of them) managed to rocket straight to the top of the charts. So, why not end the year with yet another certified hit? That’s exactly what he aims to do with his latest release, I Cry.
Based on the title alone, I was hoping for something new and different from the hit maker. Perhaps this would be his first ballad? Maybe it would feature lyrics that exposed Flo’s sensitive side? Well, I was dead wrong. I Cry pretty much sticks to the status quo, with little to mark it as different or unique. Here, we have yet another flashy dance beat, a catchy hook, plenty of auto tune, and Flo’s signature rapid-fire rapping. Its the exact same thing we’ve heard from Flo Rida in his past singles, and about a hundred others from several other of pop’s big names (Ke$ha, Minaj, Rihanna, David Guetta, etc.).
However, I have to admit…the song is catchy. Yes, it sounds like many other pop songs, but it may even play a bit better than most of its sound-alikes. The high gloss beat is easy to dance to, and the sampled hook is definitely catchy. Flo’s rapping is fantastic as always, and the lyrics contain some surprisingly deep sentiments. I was shocked to see references to current tragedies in Japan and Norway. Unfortunately, these deep sentiments are rare, and often get lost in the high gloss production and superficial lyrics about nothing in particular.
FLo does have great rap delivery, but I can’t help but feel like his talents would be put to better use in a hip-hop track, rather than yet another of these “flavor of the month” dance-pop songs. I Cry may not break the mold, but it is a very strait forward hit. What else does it have to be?
Final Score: 2/5


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