Brandy – Put it Down

As a child of the 90’s, I pretty much grew up with the young popstar known as Brandy. I listened to her singles, I watched her hit sitcom, Moesha, and I even anticipated her album releases with all the excitement that a tweenager can muster. She was the shining poster child of the pop/RnB movement of the 90’s. After a few ups and downs in the past decade, Brandy is back with another single. The Chris Brown Collaboration is called Put It Down. Unfortunately, this song proves on thing. Brandy peaked in the 90’s.

Put it Down is, to put it lightly, excruciating. Brandy’s smooth and soulful voice has been watered down to the point that its become a mere shadow of what it used to be. During the verses, we get a glimpse of her vocal capabilities, but during the chorus, her voice sounds hollow, paper thin, and devoid of any sort of emotion or swagger. I can safely say that the song is infectious, but that’s only because it contains one of the most irritating hooks known to man. The first time I heard this song, I had to stop it midway just to say to myself “….am I missing something here?”

Sure, the bouncey, syth heavy beat has some hip-hop swagger, but not enough to make the song memorable. In fact, playing this song could quickly kill an entire dance floor. The Chris Brown collaboration was totally unnecessary, but then again, so is the rest of the track. I can’t say that it makes the track worse….but that’s only because the song has zero redeeming qualities.

Oh, Brandy. I had hopes for your comeback. RnB music is in a sad, sad state today, and I was praying that you would be able to turn that around. And yet, you’ve shown us exactly why RnB sucks so badly today. Its because of tracks like Put It Down.

Final Score: 0/5

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