Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up

Chris Brown’s latest chart topper has a bit of a funny back story to it. Don’t Wake Me Up was originally created for 80’s pop relic, Madonna. However, due to time constraints, and time really is of the essence with Madonna, the song was axed from her latest album, and passed on to label mate, Chris Brown. Chris is known for a few things. His lack of self awareness and constraint being one. However, the song definitely does rest a bit easier in his hands (when they aren’t around Rihanna’s neck).

Since RnB music is dead in the water, most rnb vocalists have turned to EDM beats, and Brown is no exception. Luckily, the production on Don’t Wake Me Up came from Benny Benassi, who has yet to reach the sell out levels of David Guetta. His production seems to be the song’s main selling point. It has a well balanced mix of both clam and energetic sound, giving it a dynamic style. Building from tender acoustic strings to a soaring dance beat, the song adequately channels emotions while still retaining its club-ability. Benny definitely earns points for his stellar production.

Brown does a much more capable job than Madonna ever could have done. His smooth vocals carry the verses well, and display some impressive strength in the chorus. Unfortunately, his voice is masked by a thick layer of unnecessary autotune. It takes what would be a soaring vocal moment, and makes it sound more like a computer throwing up. At least we can could on the lyrical depth of the song, right? Right? No.

Overall, this song works much better as a track by Benny Benassi featuring Chris Brown. Benassi’s solid beats and slick production are the song’s main selling points. Chris Brown is a capable vocalist, but the overdose of autotune is really distracting. While Don’t Wake Me Up is a solid track, it definitely missed a step or two.

Final Score: 3/5

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