The Wanted – I Found You

I don’t quite get The Wanted. I don’t get their concept. This group of five passably attractive guys with marginal singing ability and sickeningly repetitive music has recently released their third American single, I Found You. Perhaps they’ve actually spent some time in the studio rehearsing on becoming a legitimate musical group. Maybe its the autotune overload and high gloss production? Either way, this may very well be their most tolerable single to date.

As per usual, the Wanted are churning out yet another Euro-dance club banger. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because since Glad You Came, nothing else seems to have stuck. They are definitely revisiting what made that song so successful. As such the song begins with a very familiar accordion. It then slowly builds with a thumping bass and electronic syth layers that will be sure to make the song an undeniably good time. The unique European flavor and solid dance beat make it easy to dance to, and distinctive as a The Wanted track (if you’ve never heard of Akcent).

Without a doubt, the boys have had some vocal coaching. Nathan’s soulful solo is particularly impressive, and immediately sets him apart as the most talented of the group. Tom and Max are passable vocalists for being in a group, but even they sound stronger than ever. Siva still has one of the strangest voices I’ve heard, and by strange, I mean “can’t really sing.” Jay hasn’t gotten any solo lines this time around, which is good, because he is easily the group’s weakest link.

Still, the highlight of the song is the ever catchy chorus. Sung as a five part harmony, the boys demonstrate the range of their vocal capabilities by singing the chorus in their falsetto voices. Something about this feels awkward…it could be the incredibly screechy tone, or maybe its the fact that these guys simply don’t have the vocal abilities to sound quite that good. Regardless of the obvious autotuning, filtering, and digital altering that their vocals have endured to sound good…the track wobbles on the line of irritatingly grating, and pleasantly surprising. Maybe it sounds better because the chorus is so damn catchy? The lyrics, for the first time ever, are actually decent. The song is less repetitive than Glad You Came, and ten times more coherent than Chasing the Sun. I actually don’t mind singing along for once!

I Found You is something of a cheap thrill. Its catchy. It has its shining moments. It has its opportunities for growth, and it has its moments of cringe worthy badness. However, for one reason or another, it is definitely memorable, and is certain to settle in nicely on the dancefloor.

Final Score: 3/5



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