Enrique Iglesias – Finally Found You

Back in the 90’s, Enrique Iglesias was one of the top stars of the Latin invasion. Bringing his Latin flavor to the American pop sound, Enrique actually offered the American public a unique alternative to the typical, overly manufactured pop sounds of the late 90’s. Unfortunately, the same can’t quite be said for his latest string of releases. His latest offering, Finally Found You, is just about as predictable as any other pop tune of the day, and offers few redeeming qualities.

Finally Found You is an electro-pop club banger that features an addictive dance beat. Does this sound at all familiar? It should…that seems to be the recipe for pop music today. Unfortunately, this song offers little in the way of unique or distinctive. The dance beat attempts to sound euphoric and lively, but winds up sounding generic and repetitive. Sure, its catchy…but there are hundreds, and I mean literally hundreds of songs doing the exact same thing, ten times better.

Vocally, Enrique sounds much stronger than we’ve heard him recently. And he should, since his vocals have undergone so much obvious autotuning. The lyrics are full of mindless drivel about finding “the one,” and not letting go. Lyrics like “Forget about your firends, they don’t care where we go/ If they do, look like lost, stand in a crowd of people/ I’ve been looking forever baby, we go, together baby, we go” are just…so…bad.    Luckily, the verses are completely forgettable, so you’ll barely notice. The chorus tries to be catchy, but the only part that is even remotely memorable are the last utterances of “Cause I’ve FINALLY found you!”

Luckily, Enrique has teamed up with newcomer rapper Sammy Adams. It might be the best sounding part of the song, if you can get over the cringe worthy lyrics about touring, sex, releasing hit songs, and nothing of any particular importance.

Overall, this song is just another disposable, overly produced dance-pop flavor of the day. With nothing unique, or particularly good about the song, I can’t help but wonder if the Latin crooner still has any amount of his Latin soul left to sell.

Final Score: 1/5


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