AoA – Get Out

The band team

AoA debuted with a “7+1” concept that set them apart from the competition, even if it was one of the most confusing concepts since After School. AoA is an 8 member girls group that consists of two separate units; the dance unit, consisting of seven girls. Four of those girls are also adept at playing instruments, and they are joined by an additional member to form a full band. It many be a bit convoluted, but once it has time to sink in, it definitely does make them unique.

Their comeback single is called Get Out, and shows a bit more attitude than their debut. Being that they do have five talented musicians to work with, their sound takes on a power pop style backed by pounding drums, and electronic guitar riffs. Unfortunately, they are often overpowered by the song’s more pop elements. I would really like to hear more emphasis given to the rock elements of the song, rather than the over produced bubblegum beat.

The dance team

While the song may lack a catchy chorus, and contain a rather tedious and annoying “oh, oh” hook, the girls definitely prove that they can sing. The group possesses two very capable lead vocalists whose live skills are more than impressive. The group’s rappers also prove to be competent, even if their tone is similar to Hyuna on her worst day. The girls definitely have talent, both vocally and musically, but I just wish that they had been given a song that better demonstrates their potential.

Stylistically, the girls have dropped their “angel” concept in favor of a movie theme. Each of the girls has dressed up as a powerful female movie figure, which is really fun to watch. Mina makes a convincing Audrey Hepburn, and Yuna’s Laura Croft cosplay really stand out. The outfits are neat, but the dancing this time around is rather forgettable, and the over emphasis on booty shaking gets to be a bit much.

A.o.A. has tons of talent, but Get Out doesn’t quite deliver.This song just isn’t as catchy as their debut. They have one of the more unique, if complicated, group concepts, but their sound really isn’t as distinguished as it could be. The potential is there, but they just need a better song that shows the full range of their many talents.

Final Score: 2/5


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