U-Kiss – Stop, Girl

In my opinion, U-Kiss has never been one of Korea’s stand out guy groups. Sure, Neverland had a cool beat, but I’ve just never felt a reason to give them my attention over better groups like MBLAQ or Infinite…or even Teen Top. That’s not to say that the group is bad by any means. They’ve been around for awhile, and surely have talent. With their latest release, Stop, Girl, I decided to give the group another go, thinking that this new song might be the one to sell me on U-Kiss.

Stop Girl is definitely not what I’ve come to expect from this group. Rather than giving us yet another autotune filled dance-pop song, Stop Girl takes a slower and more mature direction, delivering a smooth pop-rnb sound with a crisp beat. Its a refreshing sound that works really well for the group. Their vocal delivery is smooth and sophisticated, and the group’s rappers do a great job delivering their verses. The best part; all of this is autotune free!

The chorus features some killer harmonies from the group that really make the song stand out. Unfortunately, the chorus is rather lackluster, consisting of a rather cliched phrase repeated a few times. As soon as the group sang “Stop! Girl…” I finished the lyric in my head. As expected, the boys finished my thought with “…in the name of LOOOVE!” Its kind of disappointing that a song with such solid verses and a killer beat gets stuck with such an uninspired chorus. It’s not that its bad, or not catchy…its just…lame.

Luckily, the song features some killer choreography. Making use of female background dancers, the group gives us some “interaction” that we don’t usually see on stage. U-Kiss and their girls sway and swagger their way through some crisp dance moves that really compliment the song’s smooth rnb beat.

Overall, despite a lack luster chorus, the song is still quite good! The pop-rnb sound really works for the group, and the song’s production is solid overall. Its a definite step up for the group! You know what, U-Kiss? You’re alright with me! Even though your group name is absolutely terrible, you guys are now on my playlist!

Final Score: 3/5

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