Christina Aguilera – Your Body

After making a name for herself as “the crazy diva” on The Voice’s judging panel, Christina Aguilera has become one greatest hits album away from “has been” status. However, the big-voiced-bigger-personality belter has returned with a new song. Appropriately titled Your Body, Christina continues her trend of in-your-face, woman empowerment tracks.

In her last album, we saw Christina struggling to reinvent herself as a dancefloor diva in the sudden boom of electro-pop music. It didn’t quite pay off, as she would up looking like she was trying too hard to be like Lady Gaga. However, Your Body takes the late 90’s pop-rnb approach and adds a layer of contemporary electo. What results is a definite club banger with a throbbing beat, and catchy melody. Although the song features one of the messiest dub-step breakdowns ever, people shouldn’t have a difficult time bumping and grinding along to the beat.
While the song never strays into Dirrty territory with its over the top rauch, Your Body definitely walks the line. In stilettos, no less. The lyrics are typical for Christina; in your face woman power. She asserts what she wants, and then goes in for the taking with uninspired lyrics like “All I wanna do/ Is love your body/ Tonight’s your lucky night/ I know you want it.” The self proclaimed freak might have turned heads with lyrics like these back in 2002, but today, they just come off  as a desperate ploy for shock value. Just a heads up, Xtina…you’re not competing with Brittney and Jessica Simpson anymore. You’re up against Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga…we’ve heard this before.
Between the crappy lyrics and heavy electronic arrangement, Your Body would have swallowed a lesser vocalist. However, we’re talking about Christina Aguilera. With her god given talents, she actually managed to make what would be a generic club track into something listenable. She clearly doesn’t need autotune or studio tricks to sound good. Christina simmers in the verses with her sultry voice, and unleashes the full force of her voice to tear through the chorus. She is easily one of the best vocalists in pop music today, and its that voice that keeps the song from falling apart completely.
After the back to back flops of Burlesque and Bionic, Christina needs a hit. While Your Body isn’t anything remarkable, it shows us that Christina is alive and well, and can still sing the hell out of anything. Unfortunately, its that voice that saves the song from becoming a total disaster, and I can’t help but feel that Christina could have put her chops to better use.
Final Score: 2/5

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