Rania – Style

Despite being hailed as “the third Baby Vox,” Rania has had a tough time since their debut. In a saturated market, you don’t become successful unless you stand out. Unfortunately for Rania, Dr. Feel Good stood out for its raunchy dance moves rather than the girls’ talents, and Pop Pop Pop was an absolute mess. Its such a shame, because these ladies do have great voices, and tons of charisma. If only they had the right song! Luckily, none other than YG saw the group’s insane potential, and offered to produce their next single. Rania is now back with Style, showing that the third time is most definitely a charm.

First, lets talk about the first thing that everyone noticed about this release; there are only five women in the group now. That’s right, we’ve lost not just one, but two members since the group’s last single; Joy, the groups Thai beauty, and Jooyi, the vocal powerhouse.

We all knew that Joy left the group during their Pop Pop Pop promotions, but nobody saw Jooyi’s departure coming. Not only was she the best singer in the group, but her voice was easily one of the best in Kpop. Her departure was sudden and unexpected, so fans were naturally shocked to see her absent from the song. Evidently, she hasn’t “left” the group, but rather is “working on a new project.” Rumors say that YG is behind this project (she is a former YG trainee after all). Once again, nobody knows for sure. All we know is that Rania lost something truly special.

Luckily, this is Rania we’re talking about. We still have five truly talented women to work with, who can all sing their butts off. In fact, in a weird way, the group has never seemed quite so complete now that there are only five members. Riko has become the new lead vocalist, showing off a strong and powerful voice in the chorus. T-ae and Xia alternate the verses, hitting some powerful notes of their own. Even Semi proves that she has a decent voice, and Di takes on a verse that’s full of attitude and swagger. It proves that this group is vastly talented, and fully capable of delivering a hit.

With YG on their side, Style is indeed, that hit. His slick production takes the girls signature electro-pop sound, and breathes new life into it. Style has swagger written all over it, with a robotic voice providing a seriously cool hook. People will definitely have an easy time dancing to the song’s catchy beat and glossy bass. Its an overall flashy production that shows the group moving away from their previously raunchy image, and moving toward a more cohesive and classy one.

The lyrics to this song are all about female empowerment. Through out, the girls turn down the advances of a man while asserting their own confidence and independence. Lines like “I sway as I walk on your heart’s runway” and “S-t-y-l-e, come on boy, let me be me,” are simply full of feminine confidence and swagger. The music video further illustrates this between the girl’s elegant and sexy image, bold dance moves, and…whats this? A hint of humor? The elevator scene shows some personality from the group that we simply haven’t seen before.

Style represents a strong new era for Rania. They’ve somehow managed to shake off the mistakes of the past, and have essentially re-debuted as a powerful new group. Between the cool new sound, classy new image, and impressive display of talent, Rania is quickly earning the attention that they deserve. This luxurious new song could very well put the group on the map!

Final Score: 4/5


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