Andy Grammer – Miss Me

Andy Grammer debuted with the ultimate feel good song of last summer. Since then, he’s become known for his boy next door image, and affectionate lyrics that would have any woman simply melting. However, this summer, his latest release takes a new turn in his typically upbeat sound. Miss Me is a breakup song that shows us a new side of Andy.

His lyrics are definitely darker this time around. The opening line of “I wake up and I’m sober, don’t even know you anymore…” instantly set the tone. The Andy we see here is heartbroken and bitter, and yet, he somehow seems to be stronger for it. The chorus is just as catchy as ever, but significantly less light hearted. The contrast is highlighted as he turn to his lover to say “There will come a time, where I look you in the eye, and say I told you so…” This moodier version of Andy has much more conviction and emotion in his voice then we’ve heard before, and its a really refreshing change.

Luckily, the music keeps to his typical style, if a bit more dramatic. The signature piano melody is accented by some stirring violins, and building percussion that give the song a pleasant sound that definitely helps convey the message. Despite the more melancholy subject matter, Andy keeps to his signature style and delivers a message of hope and strength for those who have been wounded by love.  Its really nice to see Andy open up and share some pain with us, this may arguably be Andy’s best sounding song to date.

Final Score: 4/3

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