Rita Ora – R.I.P. (ft. Tinie Tempah)

Rita Ora’s Us debut was quite terrible wasn’t it? Sure, How We Do got some moderate radio airplay, but it didn’t change the fact that it was one of the absolute worst songs of the summer. And yet, despite the atrocious song, I couldn’t deny that she had an impressive voice, and potential to do great things. With her next US release, R.I.P., Rita hopes to prove that she’s more than just “Rihanna lite.”

I praised Rita’s voice before, and this track fully delivers on her vocal potential. Through out the song, she demonstrates an impressive rage as she belts her way through the heavy beat, and even goes high with some soft and sensual notes. She definitely has a great voice. The only problem is what she’s doing with it. The lyrics seem to go no where in a song that tries too hard to be edgy.

Backed by a dubstep inspired beat and tinged with hard rocking guitars, R.I.P. is an aggressive and heavy hitting song. The instrumentals are actually just as impressive as Rita’s voice. However, the problem occurs when the two meet. R.I.P. would be full of attitude if the lyrics weren’t complete garbage, and if Rita had any attitude behind her voice. It’s a song that tries to be empowering, but some off as uninspired. The chorus is impressive for her belting, but not lyrics like “R.I.P. to the girl you used to see, her days are over, baby she’s over” are just not catchy in the least.  Tinie Tempah tries to deliver some hip-hop swagger to the song, and simply falls flat on his face.

R.I.P. is definitely tops her first single, but that shouldn’t be too hard to do. I really have to shake my head at this song. Great instrumentals plus a fantastic singer should equal a hit. And yet, this song somehow falls short . Where Rihanna’s Hard and Jessie J’s Do it Like a Dude triumphed, Rita comes off as trying too hard to be edgy.

Final Score: 1/5


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