Mika – Celebrate

While most Americans won’t recognize the name “Mika,” and most Europeans will remember him as that guy who released Grace Kelly, became a massive pop star, and then faded away. Despite having a distinctive voice and a knack for catchy pop tunes, he seems to slipped into the one hit wonder zone. I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for this unique and under rated artist. Luckily, after spending some time in the States, wrestling with writers block, and attending chic New York raves, he has returned with a new single that asks us to Celebrate.

Full of boucey synth beats, Celebrate is a dance-pop song that is truly all about enjoying life. Its actually a bit comparable to Owl City’s recent hit with Carly Rae Jepsen. Sure, its cheesey pop that insists on its own catchiness. And yet, Mika seems to insist on himself a little less. The production is smoother, clearly showing Pharrel William’s hand in the song’s composition. The plucky “Daft Punk lite” beat is kind of cool, helping the song retain some of its indie hipness rather than being an obvious pander for a hit. 
Mika’s high pitched vocals often verge on annoying, and yet this song hits a sweet spot in his voice that actually makes him pleasant to listen to. The verses are especially nice to sing along with, but unfortunately, the chorus is a bit forgettable. Sure, it may be easy to sing along to, but it keeps Celebrate from being a true celebration. Once the song is over, its over. And yet, while its on…you can’t help but get caught up in this little ray of sunshine. 
Final Score: 3/5

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