The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines

This week, indie rock duo The Black Keys revealed the music video for their latest single, Little Black Submarines. Apparently, the band had planed a story line for the music video, but it didn’t quite work out. What we were presented with instead was a performance video that the band shot in front of an intimate crowd of fans in a Nashville dive bar. Its a simple and straightforward approach that does little to distract us from the song at hand, and that’s fine by me. A song this good speaks for itself.

Little Black Submarines begins as a hauntingly captivating folk ballad. Simple and tender, the melancholy guitars and Dan’s soulful drawl are simply electrifying. If it doesn’t give you chills, you might as well check to see if your heart is still beating. Its a moment that is highly reminiscent of LED Zeppelin’s intro to Stairway to Heaven. That comparison continues into the song’s second half, when the band kicks in, and the song simply flourishes into a psychedelic blues rock anthem.

Patrick Carney pounds away on the drums, creating a powerfully charged atmosphere and a powerful, classic rock sound with a modern edge. Dan Auerbach releases a flurry of electric guitar riffs that carry just as much pain and conviction as his own husky voice. His chilling vocals continue throughout the song as he croons out deep, introspective lyrics that continue to ring in your ears long after the song has ended.

Some people have complained that at times, the sound may be a bit too similar to Zeppelin, but that’s not something I’m going to even begin to complain about. Its a timeless, transcendent sound that rock music has been lacking lately. We haven’t seen gritty, classic rock and roll like this in a good long while. Thank god The Black Keys were here to bring it to us.

Final Score: 5/5


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