Exid – I Feel Good

The recent controversy with T-ara has exposed the dark side of girl groups. Now, we can’t help but look at the smiling faces and wonder if bullying and internal fighting are in fact taking place behind the scenes. One such group that was suspected of internal conflicts was promising rookie group Exid. They debuted with a great song, and won over fans at a rapid rate. Then, insider reports hinted at internal struggles between group members. Suddenly, it was announced that three members would be leaving to “pursue their education.”

It seemed odd that three members would leave so soon after achieving more success that most new artists. It seemed even stranger that the three girls leaving were the group’s three strongest vocalists. This left Exid extremely vulnerable. Pressure was on to return with new members, and prove that they were just as strong as ever. And so, they present to us their latest track, I Feel Good.

This song keeps the group’s signature spunk and attitude with a high energy dance beat. Aside from being a showcase for some powerful singing and rapping, the verses aren’t very memorable, and the chorus could be stronger as well. Luckily, the song’s hook is infectious, and the beat is fun, energetic, and easy to dance to. Its guaranteed to get you feeling good!

I Feel Good marks the debut of new members Solji and Hyerin. Because the group lost its main source of vocal power, these girls had some big shoes to fill. Solji proves to be just as capable a vocalist as Yuzi ever was, and really impresses with her soulful belting in the song’s introduction. Unfortunately, Hyerin isn’t quite as capable as producing big notes like Dami was. However, original member Hami has improved drastically, and now provides the power that was missing from Dami’s absence.

Can someone please tell these girls that this is NOT
a responsible way to drive!

Without Yuzi stealing the show with her powerhouse vocals, the group’s rapper, LE, is now the undisputed star of the group. Her rapping is the song’s strongest aspect. Her tone is unique, and her flow is smooth, and her swagger gives the song the edge it needs to stand out. LE is easily the group’s strongest asset.

The song’s music video is just as creative as their last one. Here, we see each of the girls getting lost in their own little worlds as they go about their day to day jobs. Rather than working for the man, they each dream of clubbing it up. Later, they break into a closed club at 5 in the afternoon, and dance themselves silly. While that may not make much sense, the rest of the video is filmed in a humorous way that really catches your attention!

Exid was definitely in trouble when half of their group left. However, with the group’s new members, you can simply feel a new synergy within the group. They seem much more cohesive than they ever did, and it really shows in their live performances. With I Feel Good, Exid is essentially debuting for a second time rather than making a comeback. Luckily, their second debut is just as strong as their first.

Final Score: 3/5


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