OneRepublic – Feel Again

Ryan Tedder sure knows how to write a hit. He’s written and produced for everyone from Adele to Westlife, and yet…he always seems to keep the best for himself. OneRepublic’s latest release is called Feel Again, from the band’s upcoming third album. Ryan says that he hopes this will be the band’s breakout album. I find that comment a bit strange, considering the band has three platinum singles under their belt, but hey! Shoot for the stars!

With any luck, Feel Again will be platinum single number four. It has everything that OneRepublic is known for, and yet moves into new territory. While still being insanely catchy and radio friendly, this song manages to maintain an certain indie rock element that takes band away from Maroon 5 territory, placing them more alongside acts like Kings of Leon and Florence and the Machine.

Feel Again is a song that builds, flourishes, falls, and builds again. Its driven by clap along beats and pounding drums over a jaunty guitar and piano melody. Ryan’s vocals, as per usual, are simply beautiful. He shows the full range of his vocals, at times moaning and at times belting. His upper register is particularly praise worthy, as he hits a tender and emotional chord which really brings the songs hopeful and introspective lyrics to life.

Feel Again is a song that’s just as earthy and colorful as its music video. We see the band in a forest lit entirely by neon lights. Think of as the combination of Avatar, and light brite gone crazy. Its a visual accompaniment that is just as interesting as the song. Is it OneRepublic’s best? Arguably. It many not be quite as catchy as Apologize or Good Life, but if Feel Again is any indicator of what their upcoming album will sound like, its going to be very, very cool.

Final Score: 4/5


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