Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)

Ne-Yo knows how to write a hit song. Since his 2006 debut, he has garnered one or two for himself with his smooth vocal delivery, as well as writing a few for artists like Jennifer Hudson, Justin Beiber, and Beyonce. Now, the urban hit maker has returned with the latest single off of his upcoming album. Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) promises to deliver sensitive lyrics in Ne-Yo’s signature velvety voice. Unfortunately, we also get a dance beat.

Does anyone else remember real RnB music? Evidently, Ne-Yo does, because the intro to the song is gorgeous. Ne-Yo croons out a smooth love tune over a soft piano melody. It promises to be touching love song in the same style of  So Sick. Then the clap along euro-dance beat kicks in, and I start to think…”where have I heard this before?” No, its not from Ne-Yo’s own hits like Closer or Beautiful Monster. Rather, its the same formula being churned out by damn near everyone else. 
Two minutes into the song, and suddenly I forget who the singer is. Ne-Yo’s voice quickly looses all defining characteristics in the generic dance beat. The verses are breathy and drawn out, and the “Girl, let me LOVE YOU!” hook gets played so often that it becomes robotic. In parts, the lyrics are touching. In others? Laughable. This song follows the exact same formula and pattern every other recent hit follows. 
Is this a Ne-Yo song, or was it released by Jason Derulo? Tiao Cruz? Chris Brown? Jay Sean? Does it really matter? I was hoping that after his Calvin Harris collaboration, Ne-Yo would have gotten the dance out of his system and returned to what made him special; soul, rnb, and smooth vocals. Unfortunately, we have another disposable piece of desperate urban pop. Granted, its still better than most other similar songs, but Let Me Love You fails to make an impression.
Final Score: 2/5

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