Neon Hitch – Gold

Am I the only one getting tired of this whole “dance diva” craze? Evidently, because the barrage of sexy ladies with autotuned vocals and outlandish costumes just keeps on coming. Trying to make her way to the head of the pack is the UK’s redheaded Ke$ha, Neon Hitch. Her last single became a guilty pleasure of mine, with its raunchy lyrics and killer dance beat. For her latest single, Gold, she tones down the attitude to reveal a more sensitive side.

Gold’s throbbing bass and luscious beat is definitely dancefloor ready. It’s sweet sound will have crowds swaying and gyrating on each other, creating drunken love across the dancefloors of the world. Although the beat is catchy, it remains constant throughout the song, changing little over the course of the song’s 4 minute length. As a result, it eventually becomes a bit boring.

The one real upgrade here is the change of subject matter. Unlike the heavy dose of sex that we got in “F U Better,” in Gold, Neon sings about her man that “Shines like go-oh-oh-oh-old.” The song tries to keep her in her lower register to avoid the whiny squeal she often becomes. The staccato verses come off with a bit more of a crisp bite, and the chorus actually hits a sweet spot in her voice that I didn’t know existed.

The lyrics are actually pretty cheeky and creative, but I feel like they get buried by the glossy beat and production. Guest rapper, Tyga, was invited onto this track to deliver a totally unnecessary rap verse that disappears just as quickly as it came. Meh.

Overall, this track probably makes good dance floor filler, but little else. The beat is nice, the vocals decent, and the lyrics interesting. While this song will make a decent addition to any dance playlist, there isn’t any truly distinguishing feature that makes it stand out. Its a decent way to fill 4 minutes, but little else. Still, its a definite step in the right direction for this up and coming songstress.

Final Score: 2/5


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