Mariah Carey – Triumphant (Get ‘Em)

Divas simply don’t seem to be doing too well nowadays. Melanie Amaro is nowhere to be seen since her X-Factor win, Leona Lewis has become nothing more than a one hit wonder in the States, Christina is one greatest hits album away from “has been” status, and Whitney is, well…dead. Too soon?

At least we still have Mariah! Our golden voiced Honey child is poised and ready for a glorious comeback! Along with the news that she will be filling Jennifer’s seat on the American Idol judging panned, she also brings us a new single called Triumphant. Will this single lead the diva label back to relevance? Well…its called Triumphant, and if the title is any indicator, the answer is a resounding “hell no!”

This totally mediocre track sounds more like the b-side to a single released circa 2004 than it does a 2012 pop radio hit. Or even an adult contemporary hit. Or an rnb/urban radio hit. Basically, this song is in no way a hit. The weak RnB beat is in no way memorable, and Rick Ross adds nothing to the song. Sadly, his rap is the song’s most interesting feature. It also takes up a good majority of the song, making Mariah feel more like the featured artist.

 Mariah is known for her big voice power belting, and a falsetto like woah! She has one of the best voices on the god damn planet, so there simply isn’t an excuse for her lazy and lackluster delivery in Triumphant. While her soft crooning is pleasant to hear, it never goes above “pleasant.” There is no wow moment to be hear here, making what would be powerful lyrics simply fade into the background.

Triumphant truly is a spectacular train wreck. At this point, it doesn’t even feel like Mariah was even trying. There is simply no effort put into this track, and as a result it winds up being everything but “triumphant.” Mariah. if you’re going to attempt a comeback, please tell me that this was just a buzz single. I can’t honestly believe that this was a serious attempt.

Final Score: 1/5


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