Yellowcard – Here I Am, Alive

Yellowcard has been in the business of pop-punk for awhile. Its been almost ten years since the release of Ocean Avenue. The band has gone through ups and downs, but still managed to give a consistent stream of solid tracks. With the release of their latest album, Southern Air, the band takes a look at their life experiences and growth with the lead single Here I Am, Alive. This catchy and summery jam is all about looking back at the mistakes you’ve made in life, how you’ve overcome them, and how they’ve managed to shape the person you are.

Lyrically, the song hits a topic that everyone can relate to. We’ve all had obsticals in life, we’ve all made mistakes, and there are things that we all regret. With introspective lyrics about writing to your past self, Here I Am, Alive takes those obstacles, and shows how we emerge from them as a stronger person. It manages to present both the good and the bad, but still remain a definite feel good track, making it disticly more realistic than other songs with similar messages.

Unfortunately, while to lyrics are great, the song itself doesn’t deliver them with the same energy that Yellowcard is known for. The song is one of the group’s most tame. It almost seems like they’ve dialed back the “punk” in their pop-punk sound. Its slightly disappointing that the band’s signature violin, hard hitting guitars, and pounding drums are all restrained this time around, because given the powerful message, a powerful sound would have made it an awesome track. Instead, we have a rather weak pop track that would have been considered radio-friendly back in 2006.

When placed beside other Yellowcard tracks, Here I Am, Alive just doesn’t seem to have the same energy or “kick” that the rest of their discography has. The band, like all others, has had their share of hits and misses, and unfortunately, this song is a slight miss.

Final Score: 2/5


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