EvoL – We Are a Bit DIfferent

With the sudden surge in rookie groups making their debut, it has become harder and harder to keep track of them all. However, when the teasers for EvoL came out, it seemed that we were about to see the start of something very unique. They billed themselves as a hip-hop group with a bold and powerful image. Their debut song, titled We Are a Bit Different, further separated them from their competition. After listening to their debut song, it seems that they are indeed a bit different! But…only a bit.

First of all, We Are a Bit Different isn’t the hip-hop song that the group promised. As it turns out, they saved the more hip-hop inspired songs for their first EP, and they really are great. However, We Are a Bit Different is a club track with heavy electronic and euro-dance elements. The beat is actually more comparable to songs from Pitbull, Far East Movement, and Rihanna rather than Korean acts like 2NE1, or 4minute. That’s not necessarily a bad thing! The beat is sickeningly addictive, and a definite floor filler. Maybe it makes them different from other Korean groups, but its all very familiar to a Western listener like myself.

With a catchy beat, you’re set for a hit. However, the song becomes stronger as the girls show off their individual talents. Hayana’s soft voice lures us into the verse, while Yull’s powerful voice takes us into the bridge. Juicy’s first rap segment is rather forgettable, but she redeems herself later in the song. The chorus is sung by group leader, Say. While this is by far the catchiest part of the song, its also the weakest. The chorus is practically wordless, consisting mostly of some powerful belting, and some awkward Engrish.

J-Da can rock a mic…and a flamethrower.

However, the gem of the group is J-Da. Despite being EvoL’s youngest, she has a surprisingly deep and sexy tone. Making her appearance toward the song’s end, she seems to emerge from out of nowhere, and smack you with her unique voice. Her part lasts only a few moments, but its by far the most interesting part of the song, and leaves you wanting more.

The girls definitely stand out for there extreme, post-apocalyptic cyber-punk fashion. Its a concept that they pull off quite well, as demonstrated by their music video. It shows the girls with flame throwers, spray paint, and even Molotov cocktails, destroying an….already destroyed city. Whatever. Chicks with flame throwers! The neon lights and brightly colored speakers also help give the girls a funky, club vibe. It all works for them, and despite the comparisons to 2NE1, definitely sets them apart with their own unique flavor.

 What may be the most different thing about them is that the group’s members actually had a hand in the song’s creation. While most groups are just the product of their stylists, producers and choreographers, EvoL had a hand in the song’s lyrics, dance routine, and music composition. For a rookie group, EvoL shows some serious potential. While We Are a Bit Different may not be the most unique song, you have to admit it…you hit the replay button.

Final Score: 3/5


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