AoA – Elvis

Ace of Angels or AoA, is one of the many girls groups that debuted this month. With so many new groups debuting, it may seem tiring to keep up with them all. However, AoA has a unique concept that they are hoping will set them apart from the competition. Unlike most other groups, they’ve decided to incorporate an element of live music into their sound. Their debut song is called Elivs, a catchy song with an eclectic sound that shows off the group’s unique concept, and pays homage to the original heart-throb.

So what exactly is their concept? Well, you see…this eight member group isn’t exactly an eight member group. Rather, its a 7+1 group. Seven of these girls are actually angels who have fallen to earth, and one member is a “half angel” and keeper of the key between heaven and earth. AoA somehow fell to earth to bring us catchy pop music. Seven of the girls do the typical idol whatnot, with the singing and dancing, but four of them and the half-angel also form a five piece rock band. Are you following any of this? Exactly!

The story line, and band/dance group thing is all so…confusing. Sure, the girls are multi talented. But throwing it all at us at once just seems a bit…much. Their live performances so far have had the girls playing their instruments for the first half of the song, and dancing for the second half. The only problem with that is that they can’t actually play their instruments on the music shows, so they’re reduced to simply motioning the song. Also, once the band segment of over, the “half angel” is just…gone. Are you following any of this?

What a neat gimmick concept!

AoA is without a doubt the most confusing group to have debuted…ever. Their “story” is only slightly less confusing that EXO’s, and I feel like they would have benefited more by having a band perform WITH a group of dancers, rather than making half of the group do both. Yes…it all makes them stand out, but its just so chaotic.

But what about the song? Despite the jumbled and disjointed concept for the group…the song is actually quite good. It has a dynamic and eclectic sound that combines a retro sound with that of dance, rap, pop, and rock music. While this might also sound confusing, the combination is seamless, and yields surprisingly catchy results. The horns are catchy and addictive, the pounding drums and killer bass give it its rock edge, and the beat is lively and energetic. The chorus is dangerously addictive, and will have you singing along for the rest of the day. The vocalists are surprisingly good, while the rappers can seem slick or annoying, depending on your tastes. Overall, the song is shockingly good, and almost makes you forget about the contrived gimmick the group has been stuck with.

AoA may have a few kinks to work out in their system, but with a debut song as strong as Elvis, its almost forgivable. They’re a talented and unique group, and I hope that in the future we see the group ditch their lame story line, and deliver on their musical talent rather than becoming another pretty group, pulling off typical idol fair. They have some serious potential, so they better deliver in the future.

Final Score: 3/5


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