Maroon 5 – One More Night

Its been awhile since Maroon 5 has given us their signature brand of funky pop rock music. Say what you want, but Payphone was not great. With the band’s latest single, One More Night, they still haven’t returned to the sound that made them famous, but rather experimented with a new sound. This song takes the funk they once had, and adds a layer of reggae to it, taking the band in an unexpected direction.

As it turns out, the new sound is quite refreshing. The first few seconds immediately set the tone for a rather chilled out and laid back track with a seriously addictive beat. The reggae tinged production creates a unique sound that puts a twist on the band’s pop friendly sound. Although the song’s sound is rather sunny and laid back, the lyrics are somewhat dark and gloomy. As per usual, Adam sings about the guilt he feels about being in a crappy relationship. He and his girlfriend fight, have make up sex, fight again, and the cycle repeats. While One More Night’s sound may be new and interesting, the subject matter sure feels like I’ve seen it somewhere before. Oh yeah! Its the subject of every other Maroon 5 song….

One More Night may have a nice beat and a catchy chorus, but it stops short of being something truly special. Maroon 5’s music is all becoming a bit formulaic, and I feel like the high-end pop production causes the band to loose some of its edge. Perhaps the band has lost some of their soul in the past few years? Either way, One More Night is a definite step in the right direction.

Final Score: 3/5


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