Selena Gomez & The Scene – Hit the Lights

Selena Gomez has quickly become one of Disney’s biggest success stories. After project Miley went horribly awry, proving to the world that she just couldn’t be tamed, Selena found out that she really enjoyed dance and pop rock music, and combined the two to form Slenea Gomez and the Scene (but mostly Selena Gomez). Regardless of the fact that “The Scene” is virtually invisible, her ability to find an artistic identity has quickly lead her to become the most dependable hit makers in the Disney stables. Her latest single is called Hit the Lights, and is yet another fun and bubbly dance number.

Against a eurodance beat, Selena croons out lyrics about letting go of inhibitions and doing what makes you happy. This song takes the laid back eletrobeat found in Love You Like a Love Song, and kicks it up to a level that would actually make it fun to dance to. Fun lyrics, a catchy chorus, and a dance-able beat…it has everything that a hit is made out of. Unfortunately, when compared to other songs on the radio right now, and even Selena’s own discography, this song falls slightly short of being memorable. It isn’t quite as catchy as Naturally, and isn’t quite as endearing as Love Song.

Selena has a full band backing her up, and they actually aren’t bad. I feel like this song could have avoided mediocrity by incorporating a live band element on top of the club pop music that Selena loves oh so much. Some guitar strings, a decent bass, and some actual drums wouldn’t have been a distraction from what makes the song fun, and would have actually added something special to the song. While I can say that the David Aude remix does in fact kick ass, Hit the Lights is unfortunately a generic song that falls short of being anything more than cheap fun.

Final Score: 2/5

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