Mumford and Sons – I Will Wait

Mumford and Sons was probably one of the most unlikely acts to breakout in 2010, but thank god they did. Their banjo tinged folk music made itself present in pop music, and managed to remind us all what real music sounded like. Their comeback has been much anticipated, and their latest single has finally been revealed. I Will Wait is the bands triumphant return, and may very well be one of their strongest songs yet.

At first listen, I Will Wait offers more of what made us love Little Lion Man. The band’s signature string heavy sound is untouched, and the banjo is fully displayed in its full glory. Marcus Mumford’s gritty and folksy voice shines brilliantly as he delivers the deeply personal lyrics in a simple and poignant manner.

While it may sound like more of the same, the band has managed to reinvent themselves slightly. This is by far the most lively and upbeat that band has ever sounded. In fact, the guitars are positively joyful, and Marcus seemingly delivers the chorus with a smile on his face. Its a stark turn from the dark, often gloomy sound that came from Sigh No More. Perhaps the band is feeling happier after their recent success? Regardless, I Will Wait is the band’s most radio friendly single, and yet, it doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of the band’s artistic merit.

Simply put, I Will Wait may very well be one of the best songs of 2012. With its simple folk sound, it manages to remind us that you don’t need electronic beats to be catchy, fun, and memorable. It reminds us that sometimes simple lyrics speak the most. It reminds us that real music is more than just music, but something that moves you. If this is any indication of what will be on their upcoming album, then we have something very exciting to look forward to.

Final Score: 5/5


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