Karmin – Hello

After having a huge breakout with their smash hit, Brokenhearted, Karmin has returned with their second major single. This duo has shown many different styles through out their rise to pop success. We saw some amazing acoustic covers, some solid rapping, and on their last single, we saw that they were capable of some catchy, radio friendly pop music as well. Their ability to both combine and transcend genres made them stand out from other artists making similar music. However, Hello is in many ways a step forward for the duo, as well as a step backward.

Hello opens with an electronic beat that had me raising an eyebrow. I gave I Told You So a free pass because it was a hip-hop song created by a pop group. However, this beat sounds like something that would be used as an album filler on Nicki Minaj’s latest release. The originality the group once had is gone, and instead we get something that isn’t quite dance-pop, and not quite hip-hop. Its obvious that they wanted another radio friendly song to get their name back on the charts, but the result is kind of disappointing.

The chorus is especially forgettable, without any real hook or attention grabbing moment. Fortunately, its not all bad. Amy spends most of the song rapping about how awesome she is, and how haters gonna hate. From any other rapper, that would be trite and clice, but lets face it…Amy is a white girl from Nebraska who raps better than most established rappers with a full discography to back them up. She is the most unlikely hip-hop star in the world, and yet her rapping ability and lyrical flow are nothing short of genius. She has something to prove, and while she demonstrates her talent marvelously, the song itself just doesn’t live up to its predecessor.

Final Score: 2/5


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