Junior Caldera – Lights Out (Go Crazy)

I don’t usually get around to gaming, but even I am anticipating the up coming Tekken Tag Tournament. I couldn’t help but notice that the game’s latest trailer used a really interesting song. As it turns out, that song is called Lights Out (Go Crazy), and it was created by a French DJ known as Junior Caldera. The song also features some guest vocals lent by the lovely Natalia Kills, and a rap verse from the Far East Movement. Although dance-pop is huge right now, and club tracks are a dime a dozen, I have to say…Lights Out may very well be one of the sickest tracks I’ve heard in awhile.

Junior Calder sure knows how to put together a song. Lights Out begins with string laden intro that is absolutely hypnotic. The drum heavy beat make it nothing short of addicting, and very easy to groove to. While he isn’t aiming to reinvent the electronic genre, he definitely stands out as original against the hundred of other DJ’s trying to do the same thing. 
The Far East Movement lends their DJ-ing to the song’s hook, which may actually be the weakest part of the song. Sure, its easy to dance to, but it also gives the song some bad ass edge in its bass heavy, dubstep inspired breakdown. They also contribute a rap verse which adds much more to the song through some playful and clever wordplay. 
However, the real star of this show is Natalia Kills. Her mysterious and sultry vocals combine well with the song, helping to give it a unique sound and flavor. She has tons of sex appeal and swagger as she sings “Boy I’ve got a phd, I’ve got a master’s in Boy-ology.” Her voice shines brilliantly on the song’s bridge, which has a certain melody that simply pierces strait through to the brain, and doesn’t leave. 
Lights Out has everything that a dance track needs to dominate the club scene; sick beat, great vocals, addictive melody, solid bass. Junior and the team he assembled definitely have a hit on their hands. With the song’s aura of mystery and sex appeal, its easy to see why this song was used in Tekken’s latest advertisement.

Final Score: 4/5


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