Little Big Town – Pontoon

Little Big Town has always been one of my favorite Country artists, despite their up and down career. The band band started off on the wrong note when their label pushed them into the pop market, but the group rebounded with one of the catchiest country pride songs ever, and became a mainstay in Country music. Unfortunately  their following albums were swept under the rugs thanks to financial problems with their label, but the group is back with a summer single called Pontoon.

First of all, for the Yankees like myself, a Pontoon is a type of boat that Southerners like to ride on lakes while fishing, drinking beer, and generally having a good ‘ol time. This song definitely channels that with its laid back and breezy melody. Despite having a simple and easy to listen to melody, the song is actually quite complex in its sound. The sliding guitars, organs, mandolin, and country guee-tars all work together seamlessly to produce an easy to listen to sound that channels a lazy summer day.

Unfortunately, the song’s laziness is part of the song’s problem. Its almost so laid back that you kind of forget that its there. Sure, the music is interesting, but is it catchy or memorable? Just…kind of. Its definitely unique, and will definitely feel refreshing when compared to other Country radio hits, but will it have the stay power of Boondocks? Probably not.

Little Big Town’s selling point has always been their flawless harmonies and killer voices. This time around, Karen takes the lead. Unfortunately, in keeping with the song’s laid back feel, her delivery is somewhat sleepy, making the song’s fun and playful lyrics seem almost an after thought. The harmonies of her group mates are there, but they too just seem to be lacking any kind of punch.

The music video is full of young twenty somethings dancing around on a boat, but with a song this laid back, I can’t imagine that they’re dancing to this song. Pontoon captures the essence of a lazy summer day almost too well. Sure, its got a nice and refreshing sound. While not bland by any means, it lacks the band’s usual grit, and it fails to leave any kind of lasting impression.

Final Score: 2/5


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