Will.I.Am ft. Eva Simons – This is Love

During his time in the UK as a Voice judge/mentor, Will.I.Am decided to team up with dance diva Eva Simons for an all out club track. The result was a track called This is Love. If this is love, I’d hate to see what Will would do to someone he hates. This is one of those songs that just bombs at everything it tries to do.

The song begins with a rather awkward sounding introduction. Will’s heavily autotuned voice comes in over a soft piano melody, which is rather jarring to listen to. Later, he raps about loving music in a rather cliched way. Luckily, Eva has a huge voice that gives us something more pleasant to listen to. Her only problem? Diction. I don’t know if her accent is getting in the way, but her words come out sounding like a jumbled mess. What should be “Do you feel the love?” comes out sounding like “daYehfeel thelub.”

But these types of songs aren’t really about vocals. This is Love is a song that was designed for the dance floor, so the beat is really all that matters. Unfortunately, this is where Will gives us his biggest failure to date. The song builds up at a rather awkward pace, and the occasional piano interlude kills any momentum the song built. The song’s climax is…well, completely anticlimatic. Its slow, it has a weak beat, it has a weak bass, and it’s almost completely undanceable.

 Through out the song, Will asks the audience to “Say hell yeah!” (in an autotuned voice of course.) I get the feeling that whenever this is played in a club, the only responses heard will be those included in the track, because the crowd will be nodding along wondering what song the DJ will play to recover.

Final Score: 0/5


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