Gavin Degraw – Sweeter

After re-establishing his name on the pop charts, Gavin DeGraw released his second single, Sweeter. While I was disappointed in the overly produced and bland Not Over You, this second song is a definite step in the right direction. This song takes Gavin back to his roots, and presents him as a pop-rock singer/song-writer, rather than the face of Ryan Teddar’s latest creation.

From the opening guitar riffs, we instantly get a taste of the song’s bluesier elements. His voice definitely has some more grit in it as he sings about his love for another man’s girl. The grinding guitars, clap along beat, tambourine, and piano riffs all work together with the song’s pop elements to create a track that is accessible to pop audiences, and those seeking a more indie route. However, that can also hinder the song. While Sweeter isn’t quite pop enough to be pop, it isn’t quite bluesey soulful enough to be called “blues” or “soul.” In fact, this song makes James Morrison look like Muddy Waters.

Still, that’s not to say that the song isn’t catchy. Its actually quite nice to see a little more grit soul in Gavin’s sound. Sweeter is probably one of his best songs to date. Hopefully we hear more of this sound from him in the future, and less of the manufactured pop rubbish.

Final Score: 3/5


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