T-ara’s big announcement…

Well, thew news is out. After some speculation, it turns out that a member was indeed axed from T-ara. As for which one, it was unfortunately the group’s seventh addition, Hwa Young. The announcement has caused something of a shit storm with the fans and the media, and I can’t help but be fascinated by what a hot mess T-ara is becoming.

First of all, her forced departure couldn’t have come at a worse time. She was just beginning to really blossom as a rapper. She played a big part in their last song, and she really was Day by Day’s saving grace. The group had never seemed quite so…complete. And just as fast as T-ara steps into their own, the member who was finally fulfilling her potential gets the boot. Its actually quite sad.

The press release was filled to the brim with bull shit, though I couldn’t have expected anything less from KKS, who proves to be an absolute scum bad on a regular basis. He claims that Hwa Young was difficult to work with, and that it was the hair an makeup staff that asked for her firing. He also claimed that the bullying rumors were absolutely false, and that each of the members wanted to keep Hwa Young in the group. The rest was filled with round about answers to questions nobody was asking, and a three hour tirade about the connotations of the word “determination.” No questions were answered.

Hwa Young then took to twitter with a simple statement: “Facts without truth.” That apparently pissed off KKS, who then started slinging mud, saying how she threw a temper tantrum at their latest performance, and said she wouldn’t sing moments before going on. My, how quickly he changes his tune!

It’s ok though. Since the announcement, the group’s second concert has had a number of ticket returns, and one music show has said they will no longer book the group. Alleged reports of bullying within the group are creeping up every couple of minutes, and after the reports of bullying from within 5dolls, I’m tempted to believe them. The netizens are also crying foul, and T-ara is seeing an increase of anti-fans by the minute, including this guy!

I’ve never been a huge fan of the group. I find Core Contents Media to be one of the worst record labels in the industry, and T-ara’s live performances are too reliant on autotune and playback to be enjoyable. Plus, they only release good music once in awhile. Sure, I Go Crazy was awesome, but then Yayaya was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. Sure, every idol group is ultimately controlled by their label, but T-ara has always been the most obvious puppet; all flash and no substance.

Its going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Will T-ara be able to recover from their damaged image? Will Hwa Young be able to have a career after being black balled by one of the dirtiest CEO’s in the industry? Grab some popcorn, cause this shit is better than most Korean dramas!

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