B2ST – Beautiful Night

B2ST is known for making emotionally charged hip-hop ballads. From the angry and aggressive Shock, to the heartfelt loneliness of Fiction, B2ST had established themselves with a unique sound and style. However, it isn’t often that we got to see the six just let loose and party it up with their music. Their latest single, Beautiful Night, is the upbeat floor filler that has been missing from this group’s discography.

 Beautiful Night is a definite feel good dance track. The opening syth riffs instantly set the mood, as the dance beat slowly builds up to a chorus full of pure club-pop bliss. Some people have criticized this song for sounding similar to other electro dance songs by groups like Big Bang, and even Western artists like Usher. While Beautiful Night does fit nicely on a playlist with those artists, I don’t really feel that the comparison is a fair one. While Big Bang is all about swag and attitude, B2ST is all bout having fun and letting go in this song. While it may use the same template as many Western top 40 songs, even those pale in comparison to the pure euphoric joy that Beautiful Night carries. This is honestly one of those songs that I believe could be played on any dance floor in the world, and the audience would only be able to smile and dance along. 

The vocals in the chorus and bridge are fantastic, and make it ultra catchy despite some awkward English phrases like “I’m yours, Nobody.” The rapping is just as we’d expect from B2ST; nothing short of flawless. While the verses are heavily autotuned, I don’t really mind. Autotune can be great when used properly and sparingly. In this song, its more of a complement to the heavy syth beat rather than a mask being used to cover up lack of vocal ability.

Dear B2ST’s stylist,
What exactly is the meaning of this?

The music video really conveys the level of “feel good” that this song carries. Rather than focus on the choreography (which is great), we see the guys simply having fun on the streets (of NYC!) and entertaining a multi-racial crowd by starting an awesome rooftop party. Its always great to see Kpop reaching out to its now global audience. My only complaint about the video is the style. While crayon colored hair may be popular in Korea at the moment, the rest of the world is going to think “huh?” The style is unique and colorful, but there’s just something about neon colored shorts and blazers that rubs me the wrong way. Still, B2ST isn’t taking themselves too seriously in their song, so neither am I.

Beautiful Night may very well be in the running for best release of 2012. This is by far one of the catchiest songs of the year, and with a heavy emphasis on fun and dancing, how can you not love it? B2ST is back, and they are here to get the party started!

Final Score: 5/5


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