Cher Lloyd – Want U Back

I’m not sure what’s going on in the UK right now, but it seems that they are adamant about exporting their latest pop creations to the US. Its a smart move…we seem to buy it each time a new flavor comes out.
We’ve got boybands like The Wanted and One Direction, and “in your face” females like Jessie J, Neon Hitch, and Rita Ora. The latest pop product is former X-Factor contestant, Cher Lloyd. She has made her debut on US airwaves with her song Want U BackThe formula is exactly what you’d expect from a pop star today. Sexy girl, bold personality, quirky fashion, moderate vocals, catchy beat. The question is, how well does Cher do it?

Want U Back is a very upbeat and peppy song. The light, summery bubblegum beat is given character by Cher’s catchy grunting. The random “ugh!”s repeated through out the song are actually quite fun to sing along to, and provides a memorable hook with a little bit of attitude as well.

Cher has a quirky personality that comes through in her singing, and makes her infinitely more likable than her competition. However, in certain parts of the song, she does this weird thing going on that isn’t quite rapping, and isn’t quite singing. Its a trend that Ke$ha made popular, and Dev made unbearable. She raps about wanting her old boyfriend back after seeing him with a new girl. The lyrics may seem a bit superficial, but they sure are fun!

Cher is a bit of a spunkier and punkier version of your typical teen pop star, but when compared to other, more established pop stars…she isn’t exactly breaking the mold. Still, there’s something about her spunky personality and bubblegum style that I find slightly more likable than the other girls I’ve mentioned. She just might have hit potential in the US after all!

Final Score: 3/5


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