The Killers – Runaways

After having a go at a solo release, Brandon Flowers has reunited with his band, The Killers. Their recently released single, called Runaways, is the band’s first release in three years. Their last album explored a dancier, more pop friendly territory, while still remaining distinctly Killers. Given the current trends of the music market, it seems like this would be the perfect time for the Killers to give into trance beats, synthesizers, and dubstep breakdowns. However, fans may rejoice! Runaways is a clear return to form, and shows The Killers doing what they’re best at! 
Initially, this song took a few listens to grow on me. The opening plays a bit too much like something from Brandon’s solo album. With a soft strum of the guitar and a light piano melody, Brandon’s voice cuts through to deliver the beginning lines of a typical Americana story. Its something that characterized the tracks on Flamingo. Runaways takes its sweet time to build up the chorus, and at times, it can seem like its dragging itself out. However, once the song hits the 1 minute mark, things pick up speed with a solid drum beat, and an endearing story about wanting something more. A minute later, and the song simply flourishes into an energetic chorus that’s guaranteed to fill a stadium with its powerful chords. You can almost feel the thousands of other fans jumping along with you as you listen.
Unfortunately, just as the song reaches its high point, it ends abruptly. Its not that its a short song, but at four minutes, half of the song is spent building itself up. It seems like it takes too long to get to the climax, that ultimately feels too short. Despite this, when this song is at its best, it really is fantastic. If Runaways is just a teaser for what we can expect from the Killer’s upcoming album, then we’re in for something really cool…
Final Score: 3/5

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