Shinedown – Unity

Right now, the post-grunge genre is pretty much circling the drain. With bands like Shindown leading the pack, it isn’t too hard to see why. However, after the band’s last single, Bully, I had found a new respect
for them. They’ve recently released their newest single, Unity. Unfortunately for Shinedown, it puts them back on track for biggest rock lol’s, sitting comfortably next to Nickleback.

Unity has a sincere message. Unite the world, live together in harmony, we should work together with our fellow man to build each other up instead of tearing each other down, yaddah yaddah. Its something that could actually make a really powerful rock ballad. However, with lyrics like “Put your hands in the air, if you hear me out there,” and…well…the joke pretty much writes itself. The song’s message gets lost somewhere in the comically bad songwriting.

The instrumentals sound more apt for adult contemporary radio than they do an arena. In fact, its not anything we haven’t heard before. It plays almost exactly like If You Only Knew’s dorky little sister. That is to say…the band sounds like they’re chopping wood with their instruments. Sure, there’s a half decent guitar solo, but it isn’t enough to save the song from being seriously weak.

Sure, the music video was neat, but there’s nothing rock about Unity. In fact, there isn’t really anything particularly good about this song either. Its just another reminder that nobody seems to do rock music right anymore. A sad state of affairs indeed…

Final Score: 1/5

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